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Αkoo-o is a group of artists and researchers that use sound and mobility as vehicles of expression and social inquiry.

Departing from different fields -such as visual arts, cultural studies, musicology, anthropology, literature, sound design, music composition and performance – we share a common understanding of sound as a cultural material that transgresses the limits of our disciplines; at the same time, we consider walking to be a cultural-artistic practice that carves pathways between our own theoretical milieus and leads to meeting points with others. Our work is based on research and includes the process of collaboration in our artistic practice, through workshops and participative, creative collaborations. Since our meeting in 2013 we have worked on common projects and engaged in vivid discussions that involve our interest on sound, mapping, promenadology, the relation between the arts, technological mediation and the city.

Akoo-o is composed of Nikos Bubaris (anthropologist, sound artist), Sofia Grigoriadou (visual artist, sound artist), Dana Papachristou (musician, musicologist), Giorgos Samantas (anthropologist, sound artist), Geert Vermeire (curator, member of the noTours team).

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Independent art and research collective




Nomad dérive
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: city, nomadology, plane of composition, plane of consistency, resistance, rhizome, war-machine