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Ally Bisshop is an artist and researcher, currently completing a practice-based PhD in experimental arts through UNSW Art and Design in Sydney. Ally divides her time between Sydney and Berlin, where she studied with Olafur Eliasson (Institut für Räumexperimente, UDK Berlin) from 2010–11. Before studying art, Ally trained as a microbiologist (Hons 1, University of Queensland), and maintains an interest in molecular movements and affectivity. Ally’s transmodal and interdisciplinary practice explores the fluid realm of the imperceptible, and attempts to experiment with artistic techniques and practices for sensing the insensiblethrough the potentials of the threshold. Beginning with the propositions for dispersed and collective creativity offered in Henri Bergson’s philosophical framework, Ally engages an experimental methodology of research-creation, which situates the nexus of theory and practice as a generative site for the emergence of new techniques and concepts

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UNSW Art and Design, Sydney (National Institute for Experimental Art)


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Articulating Thresholds: The Threshold as a Framework for Artistic Experimentation with Indeterminacy
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: experiment, expression