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Anders Elberling, born 1965, Copenhagen, is a visual artist and photographer who teaches workshops in visuality. Elberling is a collaborative and processual crossmedia artist who due to dyslexia has developed an imaginative access to communication through the creation of narratives using picture and sound. Originally educated as a photographer, Elberling works with moving images and the interlink between images and sound to create installations, live performances, and scenography for theatre. His workshops in visuality inspire participants into thinking across media and genres, generating a hands-on collaborative environment. Elberling’s work has been presented at numerous exhibitions and performances, concerts, and theatre productions in broadcasts, publications, and installations in Europe.

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Independent visual artist, photographer, innovator, instructor, and art director


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Machinic Propositions
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: de/re-territorialisation, improvisation