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Brian Hulse (PhD Harvard) is Associate Professor of Music at the College of William and Mary in Virginia (USA). He has published articles and given talks on a variety of topics, most notably those engaging the work of Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson. With Nick Nesbitt he co-edited the volume Sounding the Virtual: Gilles Deleuze and the Theory and Philosophy of Music, in which he provided the chapter “Thinking Musical Difference: Music Theory as Minor Science” (Ashgate, 2010). Forthcoming publications include “Becoming-Composer” (Perspectives of New Music) and “On Repetition and Musical Ideas” (Deleuze Studies). In addition, Hulse is a composer with albums on Centaur Records (Stain, 2015) and Albany Records (pseudosynthesis, 2009).

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College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, US


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The Sonarium, or, Towards a Spatiality Proper to Sound
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: Henri Bergson, pitch, sound studies

Dialogue III: On Music or The Combat of Chronos and Aion
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: aion, chronos, Pierre Boulez, singularity