Eldritch Priest

about the author

Eldritch Priest writes on sonic culture, experimental aesthetics, and the philosophy of experience from a ’pataphysical perspective. His essays have appeared in various journals and he is the author of Boring Formless Nonsense: Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure (Bloomsbury, 2013) as well as a co-author of Ludic Dreaming: How to Listen Away from Contemporary Technoculture (Bloomsbury, 2017). Presently, he is working on a new book about earworms, daydreams, and other lived abstractions. Eldritch is also active as a composer and improviser.

info & contact


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, CA


epriest [AT] sfu.ca


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A Matter of Style and Sheer Enthusiasm
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )