Elke Marhöfer

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Elke Marhöfer is an artist living in Berlin. Via moving images and suppositious writing, Marhöfer works with notions of self-admitted foreignness and radical othering. She collaborates with dear friends and things and revises notions of animal, vegetable, and object relations. Marhöfer studied at the University of the Arts Berlin, the School of the Art Institute Chicago, and the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, and is enrolled on a practice-based PhD at the University of Gothenburg. She received fellowships from IASPIS Residency, Sweden, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, and Cité des Arts Paris. Her films have been screened at the British Film Institute, London, Berlinale—Internationale Filmfestspiele, Berlin, International Film Festival, Rotterdam, Courtisane Festival, Ghent, Cinematek Brussels, Images Festival, Toronto, and the Showroom, London. Her art exhibitions include at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FCAC Shanghai, Manufactura’s Studio, Wuhan, Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and NGBK, Berlin.

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Independent artist, Berlin, DE


Durations of Knowing: Towards Attentive Anthropological Filmmaking
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: anthropology, film, Henri Bergson, multiplicity, Roger Caillois

Machinic Companions: Exploring Nonhuman Perceptions, Temporalities and Expressions
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: apparatus, ecology, film, Karen Barad, machinic phylum, technical objects