Jesper J. Alvaer

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Jesper Alvaer, after ending his studies (MFA in Prague), worked as a research assistant within an EU project on participation in planning. Before that Alvaer continued his artistic practice, mostly site-specific (context related) production, which means that each project demanded another approach and work relation, be it for a particular institution (museum) or biennale. After almost fifteen years abroad (France, Czech Republic, Japan, and the US), a job offer brought Alvaer back to Oslo to coordinate the MFA programme at the Art Academy in Oslo. Two years later, at the end of 2013, he became a research fellow at the same institution in Oslo. Alvaer is preoccupied with a cluster of projects that stage the dislocation of artistic production and reception though establishing a series of work situations (case studies) in which he applies different methodological approaches, some of which are closely receptive to Deleuze-Guattarian thinking. Alvaer shares his time mostly between Oslo and Prague.

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Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, Oslo, NO


jespalva [AT]



Exhibition as Psychic Event: Interpretation Method as Delineating Imaginary Capacities
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: assemblage, virtual/virtuality