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Joanna Sperryn-Jones, is the Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Fine Art at Blackburn College, UK. Her research explores experiences and perceptions of breaking via processes of making and breaking in sculpture and writing. She completed a PhD from Norwich University College of the Arts and University of the Arts London in 2013. Her doctoral thesis simultaneously explored and drew parallels between personal experiences in life, such as breaking bones, with those of making/breaking sculpture, Derrida’s concept of the break, and breaking as a methodology. Joanna has exhibited in the UK and internationally in Germany, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Finland, USA, and Canada. She is a member of the London Art Xchange, who created an artwork for Richard Wentworth’s Black Maria at King’s Cross, London. She has contributed chapters to three books: two on artistic research and another on destruction art.

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University Centre at Blackburn College, UK


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Cutting up Conference Papers
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: assemblage, rhizome, William Burroughs, writing