Julien Bruneau

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Julien Bruneau (Belgium) is a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist based in Brussels. At the intersection of movement, drawing, and language, his work investigates the dynamic interplay between interiority and collectivity. Since 2010, he has given his research the name phréatiques (aquifers), a project developed with the collaboration of M. Dalinsky, A. Llaurens, L. Myers, S. Si Ahmed, and J. Peeters. In this frame, he has created performances and dance pieces, as well as drawings, in situ installations, an experimental discursive event, and an online publication. As a whole, his practice addresses the interactions between the many layers of our being in the world. More importantly, his work aims to invoke the ungraspable flow that animates these layers and percolates through them. Bruneau’s work has been supported, produced, and/or shown by Bains Connective, Sarma, Kaaistudio’s, Netwerk, Les Halles, Zsenne, De Pianofabriek, Roma Europa Festival, Vooruit, Workspacebrussels, WP Zimmer, Iselp, and The Drawing Box, among others. He graduated from La Cambre (Brussels) in 2002 and completed a master’s in choreography at the Theaterschool (Amsterdam Master of Choreography) in June 2014.

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Independent dancer, choreographer, and visual artist, Brussels, BE


bruneaujulien [AT] hotmail.com




Strata: A Lecture Performance
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: assemblage, diagram, Isabelle Stengers, lecture-performance, plane of composition, rhizome, self-reflection, stratum

Dialogue I: On Performance or Untimely Fabulation
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: emergence, fabulation, in-act, performance, singularity, untimely