Lilija Duobliene

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Lilija Duobliene is Head of the Educational Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania. She obtained an MA diploma in history and social sciences (1984), didactics of philosophy (1996), and a PhD in the field of didactics of philosophy (2000) at Vilnius University. Her research topics are in philosophy and ideology of education, creativity, and cultural encountering. Her works are based on the theories of M. Foucault, M. de Certeau, J. Dewey, and G. Deleuze. In recent years she has been working on Deleuze’s philosophy, applying it to the fields of education and music. She has written many articles and a monograph, among them articles developing Deleuze’s philosophy in the field of education and creativity, and recently has been involved in the research project “Gilles Deleuze: Philosophy and Art.”

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University of Vilnius, LT


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Unformed Sound in Multimedia Composition: The Šarapovas Project Silver Dust
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: Andrius Šarapovas, dance, de/re-territorialisation, film, flesh, montage, noise, poetry, Siver Dust, sound, What is Philosophy?

Sound and Image in Artistic Flooding: Vladimir Tarasov, Bill Viola
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: aesthetics, Bill Viola, Stephan Zepke, Vladimir Tarasov