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Marianna Charitonidou is a PhD candidate in philosophy and history and theory of arts and architecture at the University of Paris West Nanterre and National Technical University of Athens and a member of Architectural Association in London. In 2016, she was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. She holds an MSc degree in sustainable environmental design from the Architectural Association, a postmaster degree in philosophy and history and theory of architecture from the National Technical University of Athens, and master’s degrees in architecture from the School of Architecture of Aristotle University and École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris. She has presented her research at many international conferences (among others the 4 th EAHN meeting, the 7th and 9th International Deleuze Studies Conference and the International Conference “Theory’s History, 196X–199X: Challenges in the Historiography of Architectural Knowledge”) and has published several articles, among others “L’AUA entre le Team 10 et le postmodernisme” in Une architecture de l’engagement: l’AUA 1960–1985, edited by Jean-Louis Cohen and Vanessa Grossman (Éditions La Découverte/Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine) and “Revisiting the Historical Posture: Theoretical Debates on Comparison and Transfers” in Espaces et Sociétés. Among her forthcoming publications is “Neorealism and Ugliness: The Aesthetic Appreciation and Appropriation of the Postwar City in the work of Aldo Rossi, Bruno Zevi and Ludovico Quaroni” in Architecture and Ugliness: Anti-Aesthetics in Postmodern Architecture, edited by Thomas Mical and Wouter Van Acker (Bloomsbury Publishing). Her research focuses on the relationship between Deleuze’s philosophy and the arts. Among her papers on Deleuze are “Gilles Deleuze and the Nondiscursive Arts: From Symptomatology to the Capture of Forces” (International Conference “Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom”), and “Neorealism between Cinema and Architecture: Looking for New Signs” (9th International Deleuze Studies Conference “Virtuality, Becoming and Life”)

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University of Paris West Nanterre, FR / National Technical University of Athens, GR


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Music as Reservoir of Thought’s Materialization: Between ‘Metastasis’ and ‘Modulor’
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: Iannis Xenakis, Le Corbusier, material/ism