Mark Rautenbach

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Art making is a constant activity of my being human, sometimes in the wings or occupying centre stage. My recent work uses my body as an immediate form of expression and art[efact] making as a method to assist in performances as props or ways to engage viewers into co-creating, usually taking the form of public yarn making and knitting.
My non-performative work explores the materiality of matter heavy with metaphorical content (e.g., love letters, education documents) and stuff that cannot be composted or recycled. The various art processes transform this matter resulting in emergent objects and assemblages. Thread and paper are recurrent materials. I am born South African and based in Cape Town. I have taught design at a tertiary level and design and visual art at a high school, owned and directed a hand-painted t-shirt and fabric company, and worked in various art departments of the commercial and movie industry.

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Independent artist and educator


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(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: assemblage, Baruch Spinoza, de/re-territorialisation, knitting, material/ism, politics, subject