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Peter Stamer (Berlin) works as a director, performer, mentor, and curator in the field of contemporary theatre and performance. During his theatre studies in the 1990s he worked as dance dramaturge at Nationaltheater Mannheim and in 2001 he was appointed curator for theory at Tanzquartier Vienna. Peter curated two editions of the festival Tanznacht Berlin in 2008 and 2010. Together with Silke Bake he conceived and curated the NU Performance Festival, Tallinn, in 2011 in the framework of Tallinn Cultural Capital 2011. Since 2008, he has regularly been invited to mentor in several European art education institutions. Peter’s recent theatre works include, among others, the performances For Your Eyes Only, The Waiting Room (with Diego Agullo), and the two-day theatre marathon The Circus of Life A–Z (with toxic dreams), which was presented in June 2015 at Tanzquartier Vienna. Together with collaborators including Silke Bake, he is developing the international building-performance project A Future Archeology for Berlin, Vienna, and Cairo. He is co-editor of How to collaborate?, which will be published in spring 2016. In November 2015, his theatre piece based on a landmark text by Nietzsche will be presented at Philosophy on Stage at Tanzquartier Vienna.

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Independent theatre maker, Vienna, AT and Berlin, DE


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