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Philip Waldner is a twenty-six-year-old student at the University of Vienna (Department of Philosophy, formerly at the Department of Mathematics, but he dropped out), who is currently writing his master’s thesis about Deleuze’s cinema books. In addition to his studies, he works as a freelance journalist for various local Austrian newspapers. He gained experience of reviewing concerts in the ten years of his classical piano education (completed in 2007 with a degree), published smaller reviews on books in a philosophical journal (Journal Phänomenologie, Vienna), and did a presentation on Judith Butler at a workshop in Vienna (“Transformations of the Political”). Nevertheless, this is the first time he has attended an international conference—and he’s proud to be here. His fields of research include cinema, aesthetics, artistic research, philosophy of language, and theoretical philosophy.

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A Philosopher’s Time Travel Between Science and Fiction
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: Alain Resnais, Difference and Repetition, image of thought, movement-image, sci-fi, science, Shane Carruth, time-image