Rachel Holmes

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Rachel Holmes has been a teacher for nineteen years, working across the fields of early years, Key Stage 1, further, and more latterly higher education. She currently works in the Educational and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University as a professor, leading the Children and Young People Research Group. Her research moves across the interstices of applied educational research, social science research, and arts-based research within cultures of childhood. Her interests are located around notions of “childhood territories,” such as ways childhood becomes imag(in)ed through fictional, documentary, and ethnographic film; children’s child(self)hood, identities and objects, and ways to (left)field childhood via opening up off-centre research methodologies.

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Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


Flickering Alchemy: Curating Noisy Transgenic Empirical Creatures
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: Alfred North Whitehead, subject, writing