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Sean Crossley is an Australian artist living and working in Brussels. His practice focuses on complexities found around the image, subject, and language. Prioritising the associative possibilities of images above their autonomy, he has used models such as theatre, industry, and alchemy to displace and reconceptualise language, expression, and abstraction. Primarily, he is interested in non-hierarchical visual spaces that encourage experimentation within the broader fields of image culture. Sean has conducted solo and group exhibitions and has won an array of grants and rewards. He has recently had his works acquired by influential European collectors, and has upcoming residencies in North America, Prague, and Vienna.

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Independent artist, Brussels, BE


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The Poison Garden: A Sorcery Handbook
(in DARE 2015: the dark precursor )
keywords: A Thousand Plateaus, Alain Badiou, sorcerer, writing