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Simon O’Sullivan is a theorist and artist working at the intersection of contemporary art practice, performance, and continental philosophy. He has published two monographs with Palgrave Macmillan, Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari: Thought Beyond Representation (2005) and On the Production of Subjectivity: Five Diagrams of the Finite-Infinite Relation (2012), and is the editor, with Stephen Zepke, of both Deleuze, Guattari and the Production of the New (Continuum, 2008) and Deleuze and Contemporary Art (Edinburgh University Press, 2010). His collaborative art practice—with David Burrows and others—comes under the name Plastique Fantastique, a “performance fiction” that involves an investigation into aesthetics, subjectivity, the sacred, popular culture and politics produced through, performance, film and sound work, comics, text, installations and assemblages. Plastique Fantastique have performed and exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and are represented by IMT Gallery in London. O’Sullivan is currently working on a collaborative volume of writings, with Burrows, on Mythopoesis–MythScience–Mythotechnesis: Fictioning and the Posthuman in Contemporary Art.

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Mythopoesis, Fabulous Images and Memories of a Sorcerer
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: content, fabulation

Dialogue II: New Materialism(s) for Artistic Research
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: artistic research, material/ism