Sofia Grigoriadou

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Sofia Grigoriadou is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She graduated from the ASFA (2013) and the Philosophical, Pedagogical, and Psychological Department of the University of Athens (2006). She participated in various exhibitions, conferences, and artistic projects, such as Workshop on Value, 4th Biennial of Athens (2013); Refuge Project II—Testimonials, Milos (2014), Listening to Each Other/Einander zuhoren—Stadt—(Ge)Schichten, Goethe Institute, Athens (2014); Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis, Athens (2014); 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul (2014); Archaeological Dialogues, Archaeology, Anthropology and Contemporary Art Workshop, Athens (2015). She has organised and carried out artistic workshops and educational programmes and worked with children with special needs. She collaborates with Elpida Rikou and Io Chaviara in the framework of TWIXTlab, an art project situated in-between contemporary art, anthropology, and the everyday. Her artistic practice includes mapping, fieldwork, installation, text, audio, video, and photography.

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