Terri Bird

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Terri Bird is an artist primarily practising with Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell as the collaborative group Open Spatial Workshop. OSW recently exhibited Converging in Time at MUMA, Melbourne. She is also a senior lecture in the Department of Fine Art, MADA at Monash University. Recently her essay ‘Registering Surface, Excavating Inheritances’, including a discussion of the artwork of Nicholas Mangan and Theresa Keogh, was published in Deleuze Studies 10(4) 2016. Previously she has published “More than Material” in Studies in Material Thinking and “Figuring Materiality” in Angelaki, as well as in a number of artists’ catalogues including, “This Conversation” written with Tom Nicholson.

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Monash University, Melbourne, AU


terri.bird [AT] monash.edu




Sonic Forms of Capture
(in DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials )
keywords: Anne Sauvagnargues