Artistic Research, the University, and the Trajectory of a Deleuzian Motif

This presentation seeks to problematise a certain appropriation of Deleuzian devices within the rhetorical field of artistic research, with particular reference to the reinstatement of “Art” the renewed attention to the specificity of the aesthetic, and an associated metaphorics of exceptionalism, revolt, resistance, refusal, and flight. This problematisation is not proposed as an act of delegitimation with respect to a given “reading” of Deleuze, but rather as an intervention into the field of operations across art-philosophy. In the wake of the perceived failure of institutional critique and the politics of representation in artistic research programmes, the paper asks, What are the critical alternatives to bourgeois revolt and aesthetic exceptionalism for artistic research conducted within the precincts of the contemporary university? What might the turn to Deleuze offer in this regard?

Silent Buzz of the Schizzes: The Research Unit as a Sonic Desiring-Machine (sound work)

Silent Buzz of the Schizzes: The Research Unit as a Sonic Desiring-Machine (2015) is a sound installation that explores sonic registers, flows, codes, and interruptions of silent sounds in the realm of academic research and the hallways of Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies. At the current time of crisis for universities (considering funding, etc.), the increasing demand for spectacular, efficient, and pretentious performances has entered researchers’ rooms. This sound installation investigates the potential counter-power to this demand in terms of the Deleuze-Guattarian concept of the “desiring-machine.” Both the recorded sounds and the treatment of them aim to embody the idea of a research collective as a particular system of interruptions.