Exhibition as Psychic Event: Interpretation Method as Delineating Imaginary Capacities

Jesper J. Alvaer

conference: DARE 2015: the dark precursor
date: November 10, 2015
venue: De Bijloke Music Center, Mezzanine
format: performed
practice: transversal
keywords: assemblage, virtual/virtuality

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Extracted from the exhibition Competence at the Fotograf gallery, Praha (2015), in collaboration with Isabela Grosseová, “Exhibition as Psychic Event: Interpretation Method as Delineating Imaginary Capacities” is an artistic lecture in which a particular exhibition will be presented and discussed. The presentation will bring out aspects of the exhibition that served to produce a certain type of psychic or virtual event for visitors. This is thus an attempt to grasp the here and now in terms of somewhere else and, by doing so, expand the actual inventively. (Automatisation of subjectivity)

The out-of-category data generated from this experience will become the main object of the presentation. An open, customised version of an interpretational method, inspired by the BNIM (Biographical–Narrative–Interpretation–Method), will serve this particular presentation. (Assemblage)

This apparent schematic interference will involve an informal division of the audience in a provisory playful interpretation by setting up a blind panel, giving us a real-time spontaneous transfer of what was at stake in the exhibition (there and then), as well as in the presentation of the essential strategies applied in the exhibition in order to enable the world to surprise us again (here and now), however gently. (Process)

Beside demonstrating a temporary collapse between theory and practice, the overall interest is to enable a discussion on how this transposition or dislocation may (re-)produce but not repeat certain substantial components in the overall theme relating to competencies. We may discover possible blind spots and render visible realities on which we are missing out, through delineating our imaginary capacities. (Becoming)


about the author(s)

Jesper J. Alvaer

Jesper Alvaer, after ending his studies (MFA in Prague), worked as a research assistant within an EU project on participation in planning. Before that Alvaer continued his artistic practice, mostly site-specific (context related) production, which means that each project demanded another approach and work relation, be it for a particular institution (museum) or biennale. After almost fifteen years abroad (France, Czech Republic, Japan, and the US), a job offer brought Alvaer back to Oslo to coordinate the MFA programme at the Art Academy in Oslo. Two years later, at the end of 2013, he became a research fellow at the same institution in Oslo. Alvaer is preoccupied with a cluster of projects that stage the dislocation of artistic production and reception though establishing a series of work situations (case studies) in which he applies different methodological approaches, some of which are closely receptive to Deleuze-Guattarian thinking. Alvaer shares his time mostly between Oslo and Prague.

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