Noir Désìr: About the Subjugated and Acting Body in Desire

Eleni Kolliopoulou

conference: DARE 2015: the dark precursor
date: November 9, 2015
venue: De Bijloke Music Center, Bibliotheek
format: on screen
practice: performance
keywords: aesthetics, body, desire, Gilles Deleuze from A to Z, performance

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A few years ago, our professor of aesthetics at the Academy showed us Deleuze’s L’Abécédaire. In “D comme Désir,” the following was a significant moment for me: “we never desire an object, for example a woman, but the ‘landscape’ that is what we sense that is ‘inside’ this woman and our imaginary engagement with this (landscape).” I imagined an almost empty landscape, except for allusions to a city, the perception of time (rhythm and light) and the desirous. While the waves of desire roll over the landscape, I embody that body’s desire, its tendency to receive and incorporate the external force that dominates it. The lightning strikes: you see.


about the author(s)

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Eleni Kolliopoulou is a media artist (performance, video, installations) particularly interested in the intersection between performance and philosophy. I studied at the University Kapodistriaka of Athens in the Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science (1998 -2003, BA). In 2007 I moved to Turin (Italy) where I attended Philip Radice school of Physical Theater for one year. There I studied contemporary dance, dance theater and butoh dance, taking part in several public group performances. Between 2008 and 2013 I completed my BA and MA degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, visiting the Hochschuele Burg Gibiechestein Halle an der Saale as an Erasmus student in 2011-12. Since 2016, I am pursuing a practice based PhD in time-based art at Ulster University (Derry, Magee Campus) with a project proposal that concerns the interaction among body, space and objects.

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Ulster University, Derry, UK