The Time of the Encounter

Zsuzsa Baross

conference: DARE 2017: aberrant nuptials
date: November 20, 2017
venue: Orpheus Institute, Concert Hall
format: in words
practice: music and sound
keywords: becoming, encounter, noise, Philippe Manoury, Pierre Boulez, time

abstract about the author(s)


Of the three principal modalities for the creation of the new—the dark precursor (“so is the world born” [Deleuze]), the contemporary (a counter move against the forces of the present [Baross]), and the encounter as a becoming [Deleuze])—two, we know, correspond with distinct, discontinuous and heterogeneous, temporalities. The first passes in reverse, against the progression of time; in the second, the present heterogenises itself, leaps outside the flow of chronological time to contract with different geological layers of the past. What is it that we can say with regard to the third, the time of becoming, or the multiple times/temporalities of plural becomings, when it comes to sound and music? What new event passes in their time? Or rather, what new orders of temporal relations must necessarily be constituted between different elements for a becoming in/of sound— not to pass, for it does not pass, it does not aim at or reach an end—to take place, as it must, in time?

These are some of the questions in the context of which I will attempt to ask: what happens in and to time when sounds encounter one another (for sounds do encounter one another; have an extraordinary propensity for articulating, conjugating, reciprocal modifying, contracting, etc. with one another, which explains contemporary music’s appetite for inventing/incorporating new sounds), and how the critical categories of musical time—of Boulez, Deleuze, Manoury—may already think the difference between not just between music and painting, or sound and colour, or “brute” noise and “son bruité,” but also between music and writing.

about the author(s)

Zsuzsa Baross

Zsuzsa Baross is Professor at the Cultural Studies Department, Trent University, Canada. She is the author of Posthumously: For Jacques Derrida (2011) and Encounters: Gérard Titus-Carmel, Jean-Luc Nancy, Claire Denis (2015) and has published numerous essays in anthologies and journals, including Derrida Today, Deleuze Studies, Angelaki, International Studies in Philosophy, and New Literary History. Her most recent public presentations include as plenary speaker (“La fin du monde”) at the conference In Memoriam of Jacques Derrida, Institut Français, Budapest (13–14 October, 2014); the seminar “Le Cinéma selon Jean-Luc Godard” at the Collège International de Philosophie, Paris (9–14 January, 2014), and at the conference “Il y a du rapport sexuel: Le corps dans l’écriture de Jean-Luc Nancy et le cinéma de Claire Denis” also at the CIPh, May 2013.

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